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Holiday Stress Prep

Unfortunately stress is a part of life, but around this time of year, it feels like we have 99 problems and 90 are holiday related. This episode discusses stressors, actionable plan to help decrease the anxiety and a reminder to count our blessings.

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season! Don’t forget to visit next Saturday for another new episode.

Beauty & Beast in Business Podcast: Our value of Life can depend on it.

Life and Long Term Care Insurance with Ashley Cole as well as Tax discussion with Fanny Ordonez.

Life is an amazing adventure, but it sometimes brings unexpected hardships. As preparation for those times of need, insurance is a necessity to cover expenses during illness, supplement after retirement as well as covering costs for burial. Ashley and I discuss benefits and those dreaded client comments “I wish I would have known”. Unfortunately that sentence usually follows after an accident or illness, which means it can be too late to obtain coverage.

Fanny Ordonez joins in to discuss the need for a trusted and knowledgeable tax preparer. Both insurance and taxes are necessary no matter where you live, what your income is or your age. Listen in for some important points that can alleviate unnecessary stress on women and assist with preparing for the future.

  • Ashley Cole- New York Life Insurance Agent & Specialist
  • Fanny Ordonez- Owner of Taxes by Marlene

Beauty & Beast in Business Podcast- Bonus Episode 1

Operation Christmas Angels

As I continue to learn and grow, I decided to take on a new adventure through hosting a podcast. While I have zero experience, I thought “I have to start somewhere!”….so here we go! This first 10 minute bonus episode is an origin story of Operation Christmas Angels and how it has grown. With the holidays around the corner, I thought it was a great way to kick off the podcast and give insight on how my family and I love to spread holiday cheer to the little ones in our Community. Please take a few minutes to listen, and I hope you continue to visit us weekly for episodes on “Ask Angel” as well as “What I wish I would have known”.

Finances and the Future

Financial advisor specializing in female demographic

By: Angel Guerra-Chagolla

Finances are part of our daily lives. We work to earn, we spend to purchase, we save to fulfill goals. Like love, money makes the world go around. Each of us finds ourselves in daily decisions on what we do with the income we earn. Many people like myself, grew up without “extra” and schools do not instruct students on budgeting and finances. Up until six years ago I lived paycheck to paycheck. With the last few years of hard work, I have had the opportunity to pay down debt and find myself in unknown territory. I was bewildered with the number of options we have from stocks to bonds and 401k to savings accounts. Do I invest in what is safe? How much should be invested each paycheck? Which options will multiply at higher rates? How many streams of revenue can I build? These are just a few of the questions I had beyond my comprehensive 401k investments.

The business world has many choices for financial advisors, but it is important that we not only speak with someone who has the knowledge, we must also speak with someone we both like and trust to guide us. What we do today can make or break our retirement, so why would we entrust our hard-earned money to someone with a mission which does not align with ours. This week I reached out to Katerina Hencova, a certified Financial Advisor with Continuum Consulting Group. She did a beautiful job discussing finances and retirement at my New Year, New You Seminar in January, so of course she was an ideal choice.

In addition to advising, Katerina lectures at the University of California, Irvine and volunteers at the Women’s Philanthropy Council. While knowledge is the number one attribute of a Financial Advisor, what stands out against the rest is that she specializes in aiding the female demographic by providing education for comprehension of money matters and identifies each female client’s specific needs to create a financial plan of action. Studies show that women live longer, contribute less to retirement funds and earn less. These three facts weigh heavily on how much income can be used for retirement, investments and insurance as well as being successful in implementing and maintaining financial health.

We never want to find ourselves saying “I wish I would have”, especially during retirement. If you are looking for someone you can trust with something as important as your future, I highly recommend Katerina. You can find her contact information below:

Future Beauty & Beast in Business

By: Angel Guerra-Chagolla

Unity is a strength that can change lives and create futures which may not otherwise be possible. In solidarity, I am working to create and promote a community which is established through respect for others. The foundation is reverence for females in the world of business. All other positive components such as acceptance, compassion, kindness and support follow that precedent. Sharing ideas leads to discussion and change, in addition to group advocacy. Studies show that when one sees another display qualities and actions, they can ignite a motivation to recreate or exceed the viewed successes. 

Representation is important. Coming from a small town that had few businesswomen and even fewer Latinas as role models twenty-five years ago, it took much more energy and imagination for me to visualize myself as a corporate success.  It was rare to see advertisements or positive news articles on those who resembled what I saw in the mirror or in my community. This is why I find it so important to create social media recognition in mediums that young girls and women of every color, age and background can relate to. 

Beauty & Beast in Business has a group of character representatives whom I love! Together with a young artist Gabby Ramirez, we created illustrations to be delegates for all businesswomen, but as I was speaking to a young girl about her potential and future, I recognized the need for youthful ambassadors. While I try to be the role model for young girls that I did not see as a teen, I also want those who do not look like me to have representation that they can connect to. So… Gabby brought my young visions to life! I would like to introduce you to three young ladies who symbolize every amazing little girl and teenager who are a “Future Beauty & Beast in Business”.  Together we will continue to empower and teach the next generation of female leaders. My illustrated emissaries range from toddler to post pension, bridging the gap from dreams to triumph.


link to my podcast with TOA Storytellers

I had an amazing time with the Todd Olivas and Rick Castro as we taped their very first podcast! Click the link above to listen in. We talked about a little bit of everything from family to career and my mission in life. There was a few laughs and of course we discussed servant leadership and how it can be considered my North Star.

I hope you enjoy it….and don’t forget to subscribe to Todd’s podcast for future discussions with workers compensation industry leaders.

Breast Cancer- What every woman needs to know

(Photo: orensila, Getty Images/iStockphoto)

By: Angel Guerra-Chagolla

October is breast cancer awareness month and in honor of the number of women in my family who have fought breast cancer as warriors, I would like to share this article. Only a month ago, a cousin who battled the disease for over 5 years sadly passed away. Throughout her surgeries and multiple treatments, she kept a smile and sunshiny disposition that warmed all who encountered her.  It is important for us to remember our loved ones who are no longer with us, recognize those who continue to battle through and inform women who may not understand the importance of self-checking and possible symptoms about breast cancer.

While the American Cancer Society reports that is rare for women in their 30s to be diagnosed with breast cancer, most physicians recommend that we begin self-checking our breasts as early as age 20. I began the discussion with my daughters by the age of 12 due to early development. During the teen years and early 20s there are many changes in breast development and tissue is denser, but it is never too early to create a habit of learning our bodies so that as changes occur, we can recognize and track them. Especially if there is a family history of breast cancer.

It is recommended that medical screening begin at age 40, although it can start as early as 10 years prior to the youngest diagnosed relative in the family. Physicians have general timelines but know that each woman should be actively discussing their family medical history with their personal physician. If you have a physician who is not considering your specific concerns, I urge you to find another. Each of us must be our own health advocate.  It is important to find a primary physician who you are comfortable with and trust.

Below you will find links to multiple articles that concern prevention, self-screening, general information and getting tested. Please take a look and remember that while October is breast cancer awareness month, we must be diligent at knowing our bodies, self-testing and having discussions all year round. It is important to be a Beauty & Beast in Business as well as in issues concerning our health.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-

Breast Self-Check –

Get Tested-

Everything you need to know about your mammogram-

Celebrating Latino Heritage Month

By: Angel Guerra-Chagolla

Latino Heritage Week was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968 but a new law created Month-long commemoration in 1988. Most people in the US did not really begin to celebrate until recent years and there is a big divide in how many Latinos feel about the month. While some agree that the intent is to teach others about culture and honor Latino contributions to the United States, others are not thrilled that it is used by some to capitalize on cultural sales.

Like all other holidays, the intent is genuine and changes for each based on their perception. I would like to celebrate our cultures from across the world. Whether we are labeled Chicano, Hispanic, Latino or for the Latin countries our families hail from (recently or generations back), Natives, Afro-Latinos or American with Latin genes, it is important to remember that we should not be focused on differences, but honor the contributions from past and present that have had positive impacts on our country.

Thirty years ago, I rarely seen a Latina Businesswoman or Entrepreneur in the area I grew up in.  I am ecstatic to say that the youth of today can go anywhere in the US and find a successful Latina(o) to role model. It is important that all people are represented in all areas of business and politics, showing the younger generations that Americans of all backgrounds can be a success, positive change maker and advocate for unity and solidarity.  

Below you will find links to visit pages with Latin Authors, Artists, Business Professionals and more.

15 Great New Books by Latinos during Hispanic Heritage Month :

Latino Leaders- 101 Most Influential:

Time Magazine- 25 Most Influential Hispanics in America:,28804,2008201_2008200,00.html

Latin American Artists of the Twentieth Century:

Famous Latino Singers & Artists:

Hispanic-American Representatives, Senators, Delegates, and Resident Commissioners by State and Territory, 1822-Present:

Recipe for Success

By: Angel Guerra-Chagolla

There are several attributes that lead a person to success, and we can (and do) read books, listen to podcasts as well as attend seminars (all great tools) … but until action is weaved into the recipe, it all becomes static noise.  It is kind of like setting eggs, milk, flour, sugar and butter on a counter, but never mixing and baking. Without action there is no cake!

With so many ingredients in the world, how can we determine what is best for us individually? Well, it may boil down to trial and error, taking points from each of the books/podcasts/seminars and creating your own guideline to success. Although doesn’t that statement feel like an inane piece of advice? It ranks up there with “Just smile” or “everyone is an individual”. While the statements have good intent, there is no direction.

Here are 3 actionable items that anyone can do to yield positive results after goal setting.

  1. Document! Purchase 2 notebooks. It does not matter if they are from Barnes & Noble or the 99-cent store so please do not get stuck on step one trying to find the “right” ones. The first should be small enough to fit in your purse/briefcase and can be used anytime during the day when you have brilliant ideas. Yes, I know you have Grade A ideas for your career/family/vacation! Write them down when the inspiration hits so they are not forgotten. The second will be your tracking guide. It will be used most (if not every day/evening) to record your goals and accomplishments throughout the year. Keep it near your bed.  You do not need thirty minutes for “Dear Diary” spill fest, you simply need 3 minutes to track 3 things. First write one sentence which records an accomplishment (no matter how small), secondly write one sentence that outlines a bite sized goal for tomorrow/this week, and lastly write one sentence acknowledging a blessing.
  2. Network! Yes, we are all a Beauty & Beast in Business…. BUT life and career are so much sweeter with a group of individuals who have similar interests, goals and experiences. Think of them as your Chefs who assist with baking and decorating your cake. They may have more knowledge, better recipe’s or are amazing at supporting you by providing ingredients for you to create a masterpiece. Do not be afraid to meet new people and go outside of your industry. Check Eventbrite, Instagram or get recommendation for networking opportunities from colleagues and friends.
  3. Take Risks! There is much to be said about being thoughtful, but if we never took risks, all cakes would be vanilla. Fear will always be evident in some form, but it cannot be used as an avoidance for taking risks. Let me just say right now that you will always have an audience, so you might as well forget the fear of people watching. Instead focus on the outcome of taking a risk. What will you gain if you walk through that open door or dive feet first into that new challenge? Experience and Opportunity!

Life moves quickly and it is easy for us to miss how much we have achieved if we are not documenting. Maybe you did not complete all 5 of your New Years Resolutions, but I bet you have successfully completing 20 other things throughout the year. Write them down so you can flip back and give yourself credit as well as remind yourself of your blessings. Those notes are your recipe book. Sharing your ideas with new people will lead to inspiration, collaboration and possibly great opportunities. When those opportunities arise, and someone is holding the door open…. Walk through it! You my friend need to recognize you have the power to achieve every goal you set and create the life you dream of. It takes hard work, perseverance and positivity, but you are the Master Chef. I cannot wait to see your creation!!

Women in the Labor Movement

By: Angel Guerra-Chagolla

In the late 19th century, women were a large force in unionizing laborers to create safe work environments and manageable work weeks. Up until then it was common for business owners to require 70+ hours a week and the workplaces had no standards. Organizing events and creating “walk-outs” for the male labor force to create recognition of conditions was the start to bigger issues. After a warehouse fire in 1911 (killing 150 women), they passionately grew their efforts increasing the public awareness and bringing light to the call for change. The improvements needed were to benefit the safety and livelihood of ALL workers. These efforts were the foundation for many law changes to follow in the United States, saving lives through safety efforts, decreasing average work weeks to 40 hours and holding business owners accountable for wages and the workplace. Organizing and working hand in hand with our male counterparts, great improvements have occurred.

Today, women continue to be active and vocal organizers for employment law. Equality in pay, hiring processes and human resource issues have been improved in the last 100 years, but we continue to work for the betterment of all. This holiday weekend, we recognize a century of females who worked/work diligently to create a better tomorrow for their families, communities and employees.

If you would like to read some interesting articles on historic labor movements, please follow the links below:

United Healthcare Workers West- The History of Women in the Labor Movement

The University of Maryland Libraries- Breaking the Gender Barrier: A Woman’s place is in her Union

Cuny School of Labor and Urban Studies- Feminism and the Labor Movement: A Century of Collaboration and Conflict

How Women’s Role in the Labor Movement helped create Labor Day rights